Every Big city needs its little escape destination from the hustle and bustle that just a few hours drive away. For Bangkok that place is Pattaya. If you have only been to Thailand for a few weeks holiday this place probably has never been on your list to visit. Although it a seaside town it’s been a bit tainted in the last few decades as somewhere to drink excessively and visit go-go bars. The surrounding areas of Pattaya city have recently been trying to reinvent themselves though, with a more pleasant and family friendly orientated getaway for Thai and near-by country tourists.

I was there recently for a weekend getaway to do a yacht party with the Aspire Gym crew in Bangkok. Thirty of us did the 2-hour drive south-east of the city for an amazing 8 hours on the boat. It was a wet, wild and sun-soaked day which really beat my expectation and something I would love to do again.


But knowing it was going to be a big day out, Johnny and I decided to stay both the Friday and Saturday night to get a proper night’s sleep and enjoy being out of Bangkok for a bit.

If you go a little more south from the chaos of central Pattaya there is an area and beach called Bang- Sa Ray Beach, that is quieter, prettier and a much better vibe. We stayed at the brand new Renaissance Pattaya Resort and Spa and indulged in the luxurious side of Pattaya.




This hotel is about 15 km from the city center and take around 30 minutes, give or take, to get in. But since it’s a resort there isn’t all that much reason to go anywhere else. The resort is located only a few kilometres away from the Ocean Marina Yacht club making it the perfect for us to get on and off our Yacht on Saturday. The resort is equipped with two great restaurants but there are quite a few dining options nearby. 


The grounds boast not one, not two but three beautiful pools. Four if you count the water park for kids attached to the first pool. There is also a swim-up bar in the second pool so you can enjoy a soak and a cocktail. It’s the perfect place to catch the ruby orange sunset over the ocean.

There are two restaurants, two bars, and a coffee shop & deli. Breakfast is a wide spread of meats, cheeses, cereals, asian speciality items and an omelette station that will even make eggs benedict.

The on site spa has all the amenities you would want

  • Body wrap
  • Eye Treatments
  • Facials
  • Foot bath
  • Kids Services
  • Lip Treatments
  • Massage lessons
  • Massages
  • Plunge pools
  • Steam room
  • Waxing

And of course there is a proper fitness room for those who are more determined than I am when staying in luxury.

Final Thoughts

This is the perfect hotel if you are looking to relax with family or a special someone. It’s quiet, clean and romantic. It’s not the first choice for those looking to be in the thick of Pattaya.


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