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Why I Started A Travel Blog

This year will be four years since I created this blog, which I feel is crazy. Yes, time flies, but particularly when you are travelling non-stop. I started this blog because of a good friend of mine had made his blog into his living. Not only did I think that was pretty amazing to be able to be location independent and make money on the road but I found it really inspirational.

I’ve had what you might call a long distance relationship with this blog, I think of her often, I even reach out to see how she’s doing but I don’t make the effort to make sure she’s being looked after. Which basically means, I don’t write and update it enough.

So, that is something I am going to change this year. This year I will be writing weekly posts. Posts that I hope will help to motivate readers to travel easier and happier.

When I really started travelling full time in 2010 I was writing a journal half in the notes on my Ipod and half on a paperback notepad. I wanted a way to remember the journeys I was taking.  I was aware of blogging but never read many nor did I think my stories would be worth sharing with the world. I also felt like setting up a website was beyond my tech skills. Which it was. A few years later I met my good friend Johnny,

A few years later I met my good friend Johnny, who coaxed me to start my own website to document my travels and get involved more with the online travel community. I love writing but I sometimes struggle to post for two reasons.

One is writing using all the proper grammar and punctuation. I write very quickly, as things come into my head I spurt them out on the keyboard. When I finish writing a post and scroll up the page it’s covered in red lines. Not ideal if you want to write professionally, or in my case semi-pro. I did, however, find a brilliant way to solve this. I started using a program called Grammarly. It works in the background on your browser to easily and unintrusively correct spelling and punctuation. I find it’s made writing and editing posts on WordPress incredibly simple. I would highly recommend installing it.

The second problem I had was thinking of creative topics for posts. I find this very daunting. What if I have zero hits on one of my posts? Then what? I used to be worried about who was going to read my content and how they would respond to it. This year I’m just going to write content that I find interesting, that I hope is going to motivate, inspire and/or help the reader in their travels, life or whatever. This year I’m just going to write what I’d want to read and hopefully it’s what you want too!


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