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Risks Are Rewards


Yes! A new year! Goals. Targets. Aims. Resolutions. Changes. They will all be on our new years lists. What about risks though? How much risk are we willing to take in order to achieve the targets we’ve set for ourselves this upcoming year?

When a New Year rolls around we all feel the want to step outside the comfort zone we’ve backed ourselves into. We are usually unaware that we have put ourselves into the situation until we think. “Wow, shit. It’s a brand new year. I should start spending more time with family & friends and get fit and travel and find love and work harder and finish that puzzle I started in the spring of ’09”. Whatever it may be, this is the time we are most geared to accomplish. Just remember that it will most likely take some risks.

Risks tend to benefit us. They grow our self-esteem.  They increase our knowledge and they make us more successful:

If I exam my past-self I’d say I was the definition of risk averse. I would never be a leader. I would avoid voicing my opinion. I was always content sitting back listening to others.

Recently though. I’ve striven to change. I challenge myself to be involved, act as a leader and voice my thoughts.

What’s happened? I feel better!  I feel in control. I feel wiser. I feel more confident.

This upcoming year. I plan on taking risks in business, in travel, with money and in relationships.

In the end risks will make us happier: Deep down we all want to take risks. We want to find out what the outcome of taking a chance might be. We want the admiration from ourselves and others for our bravery. Once we take the leap, it feels fantastic.

No one has ever got ahead sitting in the backseat thinking up great ideas and never taking the risk to see if they were possible. Actions and risk have to be taken.  Risks are what  reap rewards

So be aware when you are setting your goals  for this new year that some risk will need to be taken in order to achieve them.

And that’s a good thing.


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