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New Years In Sydney

There are a lot of epic places on earth to ring in the new year. Ranking near the top is Sydney, Australia. It has been rated one of the top NYE cities for years by  Travel & Leisure, Forbes and Huffington Post Travel.  The big reason being the insane fireworks display.  They spend a lot of cheddar on them. This year they spent a whopping 6.8 million!

This is how my big night in the big city went down.

I knew I would be coming back to Australia  to ring in my 3rd new year in Sydney. I had never been able to make it into the city center the past 2 times though. I was staying in Sydney’s northern beaches and there was just too much fun to be had up there.

But this time, my third stay, I had to see Sydney’s harbour light up when December 31st rolled into January 1st. Luckily a few friends had the same idea this year. Some of them, locals,  had never even been in to see the show.

The plan was to hit a beach party in the day and then cruise into the city around 6-7 to a house party in Rose Bay. A suburb southeast of the Opera house and the Harbour Bridge with a great view. It was a grand plan.

Unfortunately I woke up NYE morning sicker than a toad. I had been out in the sun the entire day before fishing and swimming with dolphins. I figure I had some mild sun stroke as well as a 24 flu that was going around.

I slept the entire day. I had no energy to even get up and have a glass of water. I was distraught. I couldn’t believe my plan of finally seeing the fireworks was ruined. Thankfully though, around 5pm I finally began to feel a bit better. Still exhausted I got up and had a shower. I forced myself to get dressed and head down to the beach to meet the crew.

As I was walking down I luckily met up with the gang as they were headed to the bus stop.

The 11 of us grabbed the bus into the city, then cabs to Rose Bay. The backyard of the condos strolled out onto a beautiful beach perfectly overlooking the Harbour Bridge.

As midnight approached our group wandered out to the beach grabbing a prime spot to watch the fireworks. The countdown began 10,9,8…2,1!!!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

The fireworks start.  Shooting high into the air lighting up the entire harbour. Red and white and orange and green. The colours are extraordinary. As the sky lights up you can see the shadows of the hundreds of boats in the water. People cheer and whistle as the show continues to awe everyone who watches. After 10 minutes and more fireworks than I had ever seen go off it ends with cheers from every direction.

It was an amazing way to flip over into another year. Put it on your list!


TIP: Allow plenty of time to get where you want to in the city on NYE and have a cab pre booked to get you out of the city. Buses, trains and taxi’s are all a nightmare on the evening.



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