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Kite Surfing in Dakhla

Kite Boarding is something I had been wanting to try for ages. So when we were passing through Dakhla, the worlds capital kite boarding location, it was obvious we’d need to stop and give it a try. With nearly guaranteed winds every day and average wind speeds of 35km/ hr in the summer, it’s the place to be if you want to have a serious go at the sport.  

Kite surfing or kite boarding, is a sport that, well – is what it sounds like. Harnessing yourself by the waist to a large kite you glide across the water with a board. Depending on the strength of the wind and size of the kite you can lift into the air, and if you wanna get fancy, do variables and spins.

The Lagoon

We had heard the place to learn was just outside the city in whats called the “Lagoon”. Here you are sheltered from the open seas but still have the benefit of the winds. One of the top reviewed and newest places in the area is the Dakhla Spirt Camp , and that’s where we choose to stay. Located just 20 minutes from town and 15 minutes from the airport this camp is situated right on the sea.

Most board sports I can strap a board to my feet and feel quite confident. Snowboarding, wake boarding, skate boarding, all spots I’ve spent some time doing in the past. I figured it’d be similar with Kite Surfing but this wasn’t the case. Learning to move and control the kite in the wind was the real challenge to the sport. Since we had never done the sport before we took a lesson after breakfast to get familiar with how to use the kite. Our instructor was really great. He had some serious patience and was really clear in his instructions. We took about an hour learning to glide the kite. We were told it takes around two weeks to really get the hang of the sport. I can believe it. 

Learning to Fly

Dakhla Spirit Camp specializes in just that. Getting people to learn the sport. They have a massive rental shop as well as a gear store. The place has an awesome vide. The staff were really friendly and personable as well as extremely good kite surfers.  The lay out of the place is super cozy and clean. There are small bungalows set facing the beach and as well as tent options in the back. The bungalows have running water and electricity. We stayed in a bungalow and it was such a treat waking up to the spectacular view of the sun hitting the beach after being away from the coast for a few weeks.

Bungalow with beach view

The food at the place was good. Breakfast was a buffet with typical Moroccan options. Lunch and dinner were surprisingly health. Salads, veggies and homemade mains. They also have the option everyday for a massive seafood platter at an extra charge.

Johnny and I spent the afternoons chilling in the sandbag chairs on the beach, having a few beers from the bar and using the wifi. There are plenty of places to relax in a cabana and read a book while enjoying the view of the ocean washing up against the desert. They were also in the process of building a pool which will make this place an absolute dream and a deadly place to have a party.


If there is no wind the camp overs a variety of alternative activities. They have wake boarding, fishing, yoga, sulphur springs, and a few others.

I really enjoyed my stay in Dakhla and at the Dakhla Spirit Camp. I’m strongly considering going back to really get a hang of the sport. If you are interested in seeing more the city of Dakhla and the camp have to offer, check out this video.

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