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Top 30 On Instagram 2015

It has to be one of my most travelled years to date and one of my best. Starting my year in Mexico for my good buddy’s wedding, I continued south to Peru to work with G Adventures for 3 months. While down there, I toured around Bolivia, Chile and Argentina before heading back to Canada for another summer spent in the Rocky Mountains. After a great summer guiding trips, and before it got too cold for me in Canada, I flew to The Ivory Coast to meet up with Johnny Ward from We headed north through West Africa up to Senegal in time to meet the group for our two week charity trip,THE GIVEBACK GIVEAWAY. Then onwards north, conquering Mauritania and the Sahara just in time to fly home from Morocco for Christmas.
Instagram is great for amplifying life and documenting the highlights. I use IG sort of like a photo Album of the best. I wanted to choose the best 15 for 2015 but had a few more favourites. So I’ve picked out 30 of my most memorable photos of the year in a somewhat chronological order. It’s been an amazing year…


1 –  A trip to Peru wouldn’t be complete without a Llama selfie. I tried to kiss this one but was denied pretty hard.   

“Please Maria, quick one for the camera” “Nnnnnnnnoo!” #smoochcam #storyofmylife A photo posted by josh henry (@smallworldtraveller) on



2 – The Uros islands of lake Titicaca was incredible not only because the islands are man made but the way of life on them. It’s so impressive that these people live on these tiny reed islands. 


  Helping moma #peru   A photo posted by josh henry (@smallworldtraveller) on

3 – I wanted to celebrate my accomplishment with one of the countries finest beverages once I got to Machu Picchu. It was well worth carrying the beer for 3 days.

4 days and 46 km of trekking later…don’t mind if I do! A photo posted by josh henry (@smallworldtraveller) on


4 – This photo is edited to shit because it was pretty poor quality. This is taken at the Inca bridge behind Machu Picchu. If you ever go to Machu Picchu make sure you check out the Inca bridge. So many people miss it and its only a 10 minute walk. 


  Nearly peeing yourself, that’s adventure. #incabridge #peru #adventure #wetpants   A photo posted by josh henry (@smallworldtraveller) on

5 – After an afternoon of ripping around in the sand buggies and sand boarding on the dunes we came back to the oasis in Huacachina. It’s exactly what you envision when you think of a desert oasis. 

Desert oasis’ and sand bugies. Loving my work here in Peru. #gadventures A photo posted by josh henry (@smallworldtraveller) on


6 – Goofing around in the downtown and old quarter of Lima. I made a photo for MenandCoffee’s instagram page. They liked it and featured it. I was sort of instafamous for a day. 


7 – It was a nice feeling having a fully used passport 🙂


8 –  I had taken a ton of video footage and photos on my gopro of Death Road. I sadly lost it right before we finished the road. Even though there are hundreds of tourists doing this everyday this was such a blast. Not nearly as scary as you would think. Just pure fun!


  My only photo of Death Road ?   A photo posted by josh henry (@smallworldtraveller) on

9 – The Bolivian Jungle was just out of this world. Navigating small boats through rivers that were often no wider than a door-way. Catching piranha with a piece of line. Tracking camen in the night and even swimming with pink dolphins in the murky Amazon waters. The place is just amazing and somewhere I hope to go back to. 

Catching freaky fish with the basics #hookline&flesh #pirahna #amazon #gadv A photo posted by josh henry (@smallworldtraveller) on

10 –  The salt flats felt a lot more special than just an epic place to get a photo. 


  Salt Flats ✔   A photo posted by josh henry (@smallworldtraveller) on


11 –  We had been driving all day through the desert in Bolivia and before the sunset we wanted to get out and stretch out legs. I climbed up on a giant rock and so did another guy from my car. I snapped this photo just before the sun went down.



12.  Not much to say expect that Iguazu Falls is amazing.


  My last big iconic stop in South America was unreal! Now off to Buenos Aries to relax with wine, steak and good friends!   A photo posted by josh henry (@smallworldtraveller) on

13 – In Bolivia I met some people on a tour. Arriving in San Pedro, Chile, we rented bikes and rode out into the Atacama desert. It was just one of those great days with new friends you have while travelling. 

Desert ? Squad. A photo posted by josh henry (@smallworldtraveller) on



14 –  Some of the best hikes in the world are in the Canadian Rockies. Shot this photo of a girl on my tour enjoying the view of the Rockies largest Icefield.


  Looking out at what’s left of Athabasca Glacier from Wilcox Pass. #gadv #canada   A photo posted by josh henry (@smallworldtraveller) on


15 – I’ve been to Lake Louise a dozen times but never saw it looking quite so majestic. I just wish I had a better camera at the time.  

The majesticness is on full here #lakelouise A photo posted by josh henry (@smallworldtraveller) on



16 – After a short trip home to be best-man at my mates wedding. I ended up getting a flight back to the city in a two seater cargo plane. Closest thing to a private jet I’ve ever had.


  Hitch hiked using a Cessna today… That’s a first. Count it ☝   A photo posted by josh henry (@smallworldtraveller) on

17 –  Being a tour guide certainly comes with some perks. Flying over the Rocky Mountains in a helicopter is one of them. 

Rocky Mountain Maverick A photo posted by josh henry (@smallworldtraveller) on



18 –  On one of my first days in Ivory Coast we visited a small zoo. This chimp named Isabella played with us for nearly an hour. 


This 11 month old chimp, Isabella, was the best part of my day ? #cotedivoire #africa A photo posted by josh henry (@smallworldtraveller) on



19 – This photo was taken right before a massive down pour. We had just arrived in Mali and we were getting a lot of STrange looks as foreigners. The looks always turned into smiles though. although the time in Mali was short I won’t forget the people being so kind. 


20 – We couldn’t make it to Timbuktu in Mali because of the danger, but this mosque in Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso was a good exchange as a cool ancient landmark. 



21 –  Johnny and I had heard of a waterfall in the town of Man, Ivory Coast. A short ride on a moto bike brought us to this gem. We had the place to ourselves so of course decided to strike a pose. 


Feeling refreshed. #rainforest #waterfall #explorewestafrica A photo posted by josh henry (@smallworldtraveller) on


22 – This day was pretty awful. We had travelled 18 hours by bus to get to the border and discover it was closed. We pleaded to be let through but were turned down. We decided to find someone who would attempt to smuggle us across. Unfortunately we got caught and taken to the police station. We were told to leave town immediately and even got a police escort to the bus station. 


23 – Sierra Leone was not an easy country to travel in but the somewhat famous River Beach No. 2 was seriously breathtaking. Lush mountainous backdrops surround you on a beach with next to no people. Felt great just to soak up the beauty. 



24 – The Longest most tiring day. 6 hours on the back of a moto with roads like these. I certainly will never forget this journey. 
25 – Photo of the group that made Project West Africa and the Giveback Giveaway such a massive success. 

Thanks to everyone to donated to the #Givebackgiveaway!!! This group of children loved their new shoes here in Kolda. #africa   A photo posted by josh henry (@smallworldtraveller) on



26 – One of our donations was to a school. The children put on a soccer game for us to say thank you. I think anyone who has been to Africa knows just how special the children there are. 



27 – This was something I had wanted to do for years. I expected I’d have to go to the dead sea to do it but turns out Lac Rose just outside of Dakar is just as buoyant and it has the added bonus of being pink!


28 – Just four of us headed out into the Sahara to spend a night out under the stars. The endless miles of sand and camels did not disappoint. 


I think I could be a nomad in the Sahara. #explorewestafrica #africa #desert #Mauritania A photo posted by josh henry (@smallworldtraveller) on


29 – This was not only the highlight adventure of the year but probably of my life so far. Catching a ride on top of an iron ore through the desert was nothing but incredible.



30 – We woke up for sunrise. It had been a long night with the jolting of the train and all the iron ore blowing in our face. It had obvisously had an affect on our appearance. Loved travelling with this guy. Excited for more big travel plans in 2016!



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