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I’m Going On An Epic Race Around Sri Lanka

Every few years there seems to become something trendy to do in travel. There are the staples like running of the bulls in Spain, Oktoberfest in Germany and Carnival in Brazil. These are all timeless traditions that tourist have caught on to and travelled to become a part of.

Then there are some newer ones like the Tough Mudder challenges around the globe or the rickshaw rally in India where travellers race rickshaw moto’s across the country.

Well, now there is a company that has taken this idea of “Adventure Event Travel” and created some amazing and unforgettable tours around the world. Large Minority has invented some unique and awesome challenges in four different countries and regions around the world.

The Challenge

One of them being the Lanka Challenge. This challenge consists of 10-20 teams of 2-3 people racing around the island country over the course of ten days. Each team will be equipped with only a Tuk Tuk. If you aren’t familiar Tuk Tuk’s – it’s a three-wheeled moto that’s used to taxi passengers in parts of Asia.

Each team will have a series of challenges they need to complete each day to stay at the top. So it’s not just all about speed. (Typically tuk-tuks don’t go much over 40km/h anyway, so that’s a good thing)

Here’s what they say about the challenges

The Challenge is broken up into various driving legs. Each team gets a road map and a daily navigational sheet, which they’ll use to get from A to B each day. The winning team isn’t necessarily the team that finishes first, it’s the one that accumulates the most Challenge points. How do you get points? By nailing various challenges, we set you along the way.



The Route

The trip will start and end in Negambo. In total, the race is 1000kms, and there is only one rest day at the midway point of the race in Nilaveli. It’s going to be a non-stop adventure. Check out the itinerary.


Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 11.59.27 PM

Doing an epic adventure race like this is something I’ve wanted to do forever and thanks to my buddy Johnny who is a brand ambassador for Large Minority I’ve been able to clear my schedule and commit fully to this wild ride. Johnny is the buddy that I travelled for three months through West Africa with, that travel experience I’m thinking will give us a pretty good advantage over the weak competition (little smack talk there for anyone else going on this trip 😉 )

GiveBack Travel

Something I find very cool about this trip, and about this company, is that it’s aligned with the mindset of our GiveBack GiveAway travel projects that we run around the world. Large Minority pledges to put 10% of every dollar they get straight back to flagship charity projects and tree-planting campaigns in the countries they visit. How cool is that?

If you’re looking for something different than the all-inclusive vacation or just something different than anything you’ve ever done – check out their challenges around the world. They also have sailing in the Philipines, tuk-tuks in Cambodia and boating in the Amazon. They also still have spots for this years Lanka Challenge so if you think you can beat us then what are you waiting for… sign up! 🙂




  • Brian cousineau

    Josh – my loose connection to you is thru my home town of Fort Frances and a very loose connection to your mother. I have follow some of your travels and escapades with interest. I am currently in month 6 of my travels and head to Chile in the next few days. I am hoping to travel for several years and just wanted to that you as I have encorporated some of your travel tips and experiences into my own journey. I would also like o say good on you for also putting effort, time and money into projects you think owing benefit the wider community. If you find a project in future you may need additional support for con dire me for possible support.

    • Josh

      Hey Brain! Fort Frances people are taking over the globe! haha. That’s amazing about your travels. That’s a long stint. South America and especially Chile are amazing! Maybe I’ll catch you around the world one day, or who knows…back in FF. Thanks for props on the GivebBack GiveAway projects. We will be ramping up more projects in the coming years and we are always looking for support in any way possible. Best of travels buddy. Take care!

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