Giveback Giveaway



Humble Beginnings

In 2015, Onestep4ward and SmallWorldTravels teamed up to create the Giveback Giveaway. Our goal was to raise funds for a series of children’s, community and women’s projects in Senegal and The Gambia, and meshing the projects with some incredible travel experiences in West Africa.

To raise the money, we designed a contest. Through crowdfunding, we raised over $5000 for the projects. We then randomly selected one lucky person who donated to come join on us on the trip of a lifetime, completely FREE.

Over 300 people donated to the aid effort and actually 6 people joined our two week tour through Senegal and Gambia with the local non-profit, SenExpierencePlus, making the campaign, donations, and projects a huge success.


Taking the Next Step

In 2016, we decided to run another trip after the positive impact and feedback from our West Africa Trip. The second trip was planned for Thailand and Cambodia. We worked with a small, underprivileged school that on average, teaches 400 students.

The school’s focus is to teach these children English so that they may have a better chance at getting ahead in life. The school was lacking funds, equipment, and an incentive for these kids to learn. So the Giveback Giveaway built a playground, provided them with school supplies and play equipment and donated bicycles. The goal with the bikes is to have students take tourists on trips around the town and in turn make money for the school and their families. Making a renewable source of income for the school.



The Future

Again in 2017 Giveback Giveaway will be heading to Asia to help another underfunded school. Our goal is to keep finding innovative ways to bring renewable income to communities and families in need.

If you’d like to donate and enter for a chance to WIN a FREE trip to this year’s GiveBack GiveAway. Go to