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Akwa Beach Hotel – Assinie, Cote d’Ivoire

Moving on from the energetic town of Grand Bassam, we began making our way to Assinie. Rated as the top beach destination in Cote d”I’voire. The town is located only 100km from Abidjan and 60km from Bassam. We were told getting a shared taxi would be easy. Finding the taxi was easy but finding enough people to fill up the car was a different story. After ten minutes of waiting we were to eager to get there and rented the entire taxi to take us there. Cost us $10US total.


We arrived at around 3pm on a Saturday. We planned to stay at Akwa Beach Resort. Its located 10 km from the actual town of Assinie but is situated on the water in a great location. Directly beside the Crocodile zoo and across from the main beach. This top Tripadvisor rated resort was  exactly what we were looking for while there. We were given a suite with a balcony that looked over the narrow strait that divides the main shore with the stunning sand bar. The room was spacious with a great bed. The bathroom was huge with a jacuzzi tub. 



We spent the first night enjoying the pool and the the outdoor restaurant. Johnny and I had a few beers and shot a game of pool. The next day we had a buffet style breakfast that featured eggs, fruit, yogurt and breads. We finished up some work in our suite.


The wifi connection was pretty decent in the suite. That is always a blessing. We spent the afternoon at the crocodile zoo. The highlight of that place is the Chimps. They also have gazelles, ostriches and other reptiles. Its worth checking out if you are in Assinie. We chose to do dinner in town that evening. The easiest way we found to do this was just flagging a car on the street going our direction. We found that sometimes people would ask for a fare or some would just want to be kind and drive you. We feasted on delicious fish and rice and dollar beers.

Our final day we took the boat over to the beach. It takes around 10 minutes and the Akwa Beach hotel has a boat running 3 times a day. The beach was absolute paradise. Assinie gets a lot of traffic from Abidjan residents coming through on the weekends but if you find yourself there on a weekday you will literally have miles and miles of pristine beach to yourself. It was one of the nicest beaches I’ve been to.


We ran out of time, but the Akwa beach hotel rents out boats and seadoos. Which is always a great way to spend an afternoon. If you are looking for a relaxing, and stunningly beautiful escape from the bustle of Abidjan. Assinie and the Akwa Beach Hotel are a must. The beachscape here should be enough to convince you.


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