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Welcome to Small World Travels.

If you haven’t looked already, you’ll discover this site has a range of useful info on adventure travel, luxury travel, city and accommodation guides. There’s also some helpful stuff on how to maximize your money while on the road and how to make your trip last longer.

This site started out as a way to document my plan to take the majority of my twenties off to travel the world. I’m now nearing the end of my twenties but don’t see any signs of slowing down the travel into my thirties.

As I continue to move around the world and see more and more, I’ve discovered how fortunate I’ve been to have the opportunity to travel. Now having been to over 50 countries I feel like it’s important to give back to the places, people and cultures I’ve visited. In 2015 I founded the Giveback Giveaway with the help of my good friend and fellow travel blogger, Johnny Ward.

Behind the Name

I’ve always been compelled to think that even though, the world as large as it is, has a way of making itself feel small. The more I travel the more I realize it is a small world after all. The connections we make with people when we’re travelling across the globe make the world seem much more manageable, and in some cases, very small.


My Background

I’m from small town Canada. I’ve made it my goal to take my twenties off to travel the globe. After a decade on the road I’ve been able to achieve some remarkable things, like visit over 50 countries, win a reality TV Show and have huge plans for the next 10 years. Thanks for checking out my site and safe travels!


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