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8 Excuses Not To Travel & Work Abroad

I think everyone and their grandma read the article don’t date a girl who travels. Which I wouldn’t of course. Being a boy who travels I know we guys are just as flawed as those wanderlusting women. However, the write up did get me thinking… what else shouldn’t people do? Perhaps work and travel abroad? There are plenty of reasons not to do such a radical thing. So I thought I would dish my opinion of why not to do something that I have and am currently doing. Working aboard on a Holiday Work Visa.

Just what is a Working- Holiday. Well the name pretty much sums it up. You’re on a tourist visa where you are able to do periods of work while in the selected country of your choosing. The idea is for people to get out of their native country and expierence another way of life for an extended amount of time. This of course costs money, so they allow you to work. Brilliant!

I have compiled a list of common but mellow dramatic concerns that some people might have before they head out on the road, and have described a way to overcome these non-threatening arguments.


The Paperwork

My My. Where to start with all the paper work I’ll need to do. I’m sure I’ll have to mail a novel to the embassy and wait weeks, even months to hear back. Right?! If it was 1914, possibly. Luckily we have advanced.  Depending on which country you want to visit its typically as easy as heading to the government immigration website, filling out the one or two page application and hitting the send button. Most working Holiday Visa’s are under $300 USD and are good for 12-24 months. Hearing back from them shouldn’t take longer then 10 business days in most cases. And if you just can’t be bothered to try and track down what you’ll need to get yourself there. Agencies specialize in this exact thing so you can just sit back, look pretty and wait for the confirmation.


The Money

I don’t have any money to get there and what am I going to do with a silly foreign currency? Well it costs a lot less than you may think to get away. Start by tightening your belt. Don’t blow your money going out on the weekend. Chill out on the morning lattes and hide your credit card. You’ll be on the plane before you know it! As for the making money part.  Depending where you come from and where you go the finances can go both ways. You can double your income or you can take a nice sized pay decrease. Thankfully while you are in sed country its all relative. Money is money. You defiantly can make good coin while away to certain countries but I suggest not hoarding all the cash you earn. Spend a good chunk on moving around and exploring where you may never be again.



The Work

I’ll have to work some hard, unfun  job won’t I.  Yes you will. If you so choose to work some hard, unfun job. If I was you I wouldn’t choose that job. I  would choose a job that was entertaining, fast paced and tought me a skill I didn’t have before. Even the more “backpack catered” jobs like farming, fruit picking, serving tables and such can still be rewarding. Pretty much every country that does this type of visa scheme will have a job board or some type of assistance to help you get work. If you already have a skill you shouldn’t have any trouble at all. Remember that you don’t have to retire doing this job. Its a working-holiday. Its just to make some spending cash and travel around the country.



The Language

No one is going to understand what I’m saying are they. It is astronomically unlikely that not a single person will understand you. Yes, people may speak with a funny accent or who knows, even another language.  You might go to a native speaking country, you might not. Learning or sharing your language skills doesn’t need to be a harrowing experience. Picking up on a language is easier then you may think and emerging  yourself into a culture that speaks differently is the easiest and fastest way to learn. Knowing another language is handy, cool and sexy.  I have yet to hear a story of being multi-lingual hindering anyone.


The Scenery

But everything is going to look so different. Yea! How good is that!? Everyone wants a change of scenery once in a while. Ya, you may have the best view of the harbour or live on the best lake.  It will still be there when you get back and I promise it will look even more amazing when you do. The beauty of the Working-Holiday is that you can move around. You are encouraged to seek out and discover the different landscapes of the country you’re visiting.


The Food

Moms not cooking anymore?!   You’re worried you won’t be able to get your fix of your fave burger joint or what if they don’t have your favorite dipping sauce (people really go mental over this). Well all I can say is life is sometimes tough. You might have to start eating cheap. and you might have to start eating more of something you’ve never tried before and you might have to get a new favorite food. Really though, discovering new meals, new ways to cook and new flavors is pretty awesome. 



The People

I’ll be a loner, all my friends back home will be having the best time without me.  Au contraire. Have you ever not had any friends around before? Ya, we all have at one stage. Well you get to relive that.  But it wont last long. Making friends abroad is easy. Everyone is either in the same boat as you, looking to meet new people, or you’re “Not from around here” and that interests people. If you still are skeptical, try meeting some people online that are headed  your way before you go. The beauty of working abroad is you get to meet new, interesting, funny, strange, extraordinary people. Its really one of the best reasons to get out and fulfill a working holiday. I can guarantee you will make life-long, lasting friendships anywhere you go.




The Experience

I already have a Job.  Awesome. I’m glad you’re not a bum. Is your work something you’re passion about though? Do you love to ski, deep sea dive, sail or teach? Why not ask your current employer if you can take a leave from your current job and pursue something you love.  Years back when I first started travelling my employer was willing to give me a 6 month leave. I didn’t come back after 6 months because I realized I love travelling too much, but you’d be surprised how many employers are willing to allow it if you ask.  The work, the lifestyle and the experiences you want are all out there waiting for you. If these were some of your excuses, I hope I’ve stumped them. Now all you need to do is make a plan and put it into motion.——–>








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