Do you ever get to a massive city that is bursting with life, excitement and an energy you can feel in the air, and you can’t believe you’re finally there – but when you try to decide what to do you’re completely overwhelmed with options so you freeze up and mini panic? It can’t just be me?!

London was one of those cities for me. The city has endless amazing things to do no matter what you’re into. You name it – Food, Culture, Shopping, History, Adventure, Theatre, Arts, Party. The city has a full itinerary for you any day of the week, it’s just a matter of selecting and selecting the activities you are feeling. I always prefer to go with a smorgasbord of different events throughout the day. For instance, there is no possible way I could do back to back museums. So picking a little of this, and a little of that makes an ideal day.

If you are looking to do something a little different in London City and keep things on a low to mid-range budget, these are the things you’ll want to check out.

1.  Shoreditch

Kick off your day right! A hearty breakfast in one of London’s newest trendy neighbourhoods. It’s the perfect place to grab a coffee and a tasty breakfast from one of the many cafes or pop-ups and do some people watching. The neighbourhood has gone through some great regeneration. It can get pretty busy on weekends so make sure to get there somewhat early.

2.  Camden Town

Do a bit of shopping in a place that is completely unique to London. Camden market is the perfect place see the diversity of the mega multicultural melting pot. While it’s got a mostly alternative vibe to it, it’s one of the best places to get all things Brit. Here you’ll find clothes, souvenirs, books, shoes and music. If you’re a fan of curating a stellar Instagram, Camden has quite a few spots for your feed. Check out this list Emily and Fin put together.

3. Westminister

Big Ben, the parliament house and the political hub of the country. Westminister feels like the quintessential place to see English architecture and see the touristy British highlights like red phone booths and black cabs. Cheesy tourist photo anyone?

4. Hyde Park

If you’re lucky enough to be in London on a fine day, make sure to check out Hyde Park, one of the largest parks in the city and a place locals and tourist like to take a break from a busy day. Grab a Tesco lunch pack and find a nice patch of grass to have a lunch like the majority of the workers do on a clear, sunny day.

5. London Eye

An Iconic landmark in the city. Is it overrated? Absolutely – but it’s still worth getting a photo of and if you do want to splurge, it offers pretty amazing views of the low-rise city.

6.Oxford Street

Before you head back to your hotel to get ready for a night on the town, take a stroll down London’s busiest shopping district. It is jammed with thousands of people getting anything from designer clothes to some great deals at departments store.

7. Soho

To finish off your night with a few drinks and the possibility of a big one, SoHo is the sure bet. The Neighbourhood is filled with pubs, jazz bars, speak easy’s, and restaurants of all varieties. You quickly get the vibe you can have whatever kind of night you want in SoHo.



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