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10 Reasons a Green Christmas is Better Than a White Christmas

Like many millions of people, I love Christmas. It’s a holiday that represents sharing, caring, togetherness and tradition. For the third time in my life I will be back in Sydney for Christmas. And the only thing my Christmas will be lacking, besides snow, is tradition. Everyone seems to have a specific custom that they and their family perform each year to celebrate Christmas. It’s the time of year we get together and build a ginger bread house or decorate the tree together or go carol-ing, etc. We all have some unique ritual we only get to reenact during the Christmas season.


I’ve been fortunate enough to be adopted into a Christmas tradition on the other side of the world and I’m incredibly grateful. But if there is any time that I feel the nagging of homesickness it’s certainly around the holidays.

So since I won’t get back to the great white north to see my family and friends this Christmas, I’ve complied a comparison attempting to ease the tensity I feel by not being at home fulfilling my holiday traditions. Here’s what I came up with.

1. I’ll be headed to the beach instead of to the toboggan hill.

2. I’ll be eating steaks off the barbie with fresh prawns instead of turkey, ham and potatoes.

3. I’ll spend the day outside heating up in the sun instead of next to a fireplace.

4. I won’t have to shovel this holiday season. That is just great news.

5. I’ll be doing laps in the ocean as opposed to laps around the outdoor rink not being able to feel my toes.


6. I’ll be surfing and won’t be snowboarding.

7. I’ll be in backyards drinking cold beers and not sipping rum and eggnog in a toasty warm garage.

8. I’ll be driving a boat to deep sea fish instead of a snow machine to cut a hole in the ice and drop a line.

9. I’ll be putting on sandals rather than snowshoes.

10. I’ll have a sunburn instead of frost bite.

Do I really believe a green Christmas is better than a white one?

Naw not really

Merry Christmas everyone!



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